Sunday, June 14, 2009

The tip!

Along the way to the tip, anyone we met travelling in the opposite direction told me "Punsand Bay. Stay at Punsand Bay". So I headed for Punsand. It turned out to be a really nice place to spend a few days and see some of the local attractions. Of course, a visit to the 'tip' was mandatory.

View from the tip

One funny thing about the tip is it's a stone's throw distance from two big islands to the north - Eborak and York islands.

Text reads: "You are standing at the northernmost point of the Australian continent". In case you hadn't realised and just happened to stumble onto the place.

One peculiar epiphytic plant growing in wet sclerophyll forest which I saw from Iron Range north is this one - the Ant Plant. I've seen it previously in Papua New Guinea. The bulbous base is a honeycombed structure, providing a home for ants which presumably protect the plant from insect predators or some such. I've also heard that there's a type of butterfly which lays its eggs on this plant, and the caterpillars are tended by the ants.

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