Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Porcupine Gorge

Grevillea, White Mountains National Park

I spent a couple of nights at Porcupine Gorge north of Hughenden. It's a spectacular place - the 'mini grand canyon'. Porcupine Creek has caved a gorge about 120 m deep through first the basalt cap then the underlying sedimentary layers.

From the campground, a track descends to the gorge floor, and I spent quite a bit of time down there exploring. On the second night I took my sleeping bag down and spent the night sleeping on the sand while attempting a star-trail exposure. The stars were brilliant and I also saw the most amazing shooting-star I've ever seen.

The photo didn't turn out too well though I did get some other nice shots of the Pyramid that towers over the gorge.

In the Evening

At Dawn

I couldn't resist climbing up the side for the view from the top:

Spotlighting at night yielded no novelties though I did find that curious beast, the prickly knob-tailed gecko, Nephrurus asper. Water rats were also amazingly common.

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