Monday, February 16, 2009

Cooktown Surrounds

The word from Cooktown is that the roads north of here are a bit dodgy, probably *just* passable at the moment, but most of the national parks are actually closed for the rest of the wet anyway. So, seeing as I still really want to see the rest of the tip, I'll probably try to find some work and settle for a couple of months before heading north once again.

I've explored a little around Cooktown and been to some interesting places. I drove out to Trevathan falls and camped the night there; this rates as one of the nicest waterfalls I've visited. I also added to my Quoll count here, seeing my third; this time it was the Northern Quoll, Dasyurus hallucatus. I saw two more individuals out at Black Mountain so they're obviously doing pretty well here!

I also spent an afternoon and a night out at Archer Point which was quite nice. I camped out on a headland, the landscape occasionally lit up by lightning, whilst a welcome breeze blew through my tent.

Down in one of the bays, hordes of soldier crabs moved over the sandflats, and I spent a little time photographing them. They were quite shy, and if followed, the mass of crabs would run away and individuals would corkscrew down into the sand until the entire regiment had disappeared.

I've also wandered around town a little, climbed Grassy Hill, visited the botanic gardens, drove out to Quarantine bay, swum at Annan Gorge... I'm yet to climb 'Mount' Cook though it's on the list of things to do.

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