Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baking at the Border

I spent the best part of the day at Sheepstation Creek in the Border Ranges, a very nice campground, perfect for relaxing after the previous days' exertions.

The highlight of the afternoon was cooking! I had a craving for some nice fresh bread so I got kneading. I made a foccacia and a big calzone and cooked them both in the camp oven.

I was very proud of my efforts and promptly went over to the neighbouring campers (a Brittish couple) to tell them about my achievements. As I chatted to them, a koala wandered across the campsite! The Brits were appreciative, but they just sort of thought that this kind of thing happens all the time in Australia!

The evening's search for frogs turned very snakey, with a Small-eyed snake and a Golden Crowned making an appearance. At Forest Tops, a fair sized carpet python had swallowed something like a big possum, bandicoot or pademelon and lay comatose in the grass, digesting peacefully. Also on the reptile front, I spotted four Leaftailed Geckos (Saltuarius swainii) on trees around Brindle Creek.

The following afternoon after a bit of driving I arrived at Goomburra in the Main Range National Park. The big highlight here was the Fleay's Barred Frog (Mixophes fleayi) in the creek beside the campsite. I saw 20+ of these endangered frogs, the males calling beside the creek (which was also full of tadpoles of the species). This sighting was another first for me!

Red-necked Pademelons were in huge numbers around the campsite, so if you ever want to see them, go there! I heard the screech of a Sooty Owl several times in the night, perhaps it will knock off a few.

After a very cold night I rose early and drove to Toowoomba, where I now sit. Time to look at the map and work out where to go next!

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Geoff_D said...

Head out towards Crows Nest. At Hampton, turn right down to Ravensbourne. Just as you get near the National Park, chuck a right up to Beutel's Lookout. From there, explore the national park.

Later, head on out to Crows Nest, to the Crow's Nest Falls National Park Should be good, as there's been rain.

In Crows Nest itself, check out Carbethon Folk Museum (Dad was one of the prime movers in setting it up).

Then on to the Bunya Mountains.