Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bago Bluff to Port Macquarie

Looking down from Bridal Veil Falls, Comboyne Plateau

Just a quick update for today, nothing terribly exciting to report

 - Headed up through Bago Bluff NP (south of Wachope) and had a lazy afternoon at Swan's Crossing, swimming and exploring.

 - A willie-wagtail would not stop attacking my side-mirrors, even when
I turned them in to face the windows he would squeeze in there to
attack his reflection! I couldn't get rid of him.

 - Saw my first male Regent Bowerbird! Absolutely stunning

 - Lots of green catbirds calling around camp and I got a good look at some of these too.

 - In a worrying piece of news, I just bought a bird book and a mammal book. Oh dear.

 - Fireflies! The idea of a beetle producing light is just mind boggling to me. Seeing these guys flashing around the campsite at dusk was just magical.

 - Frog-wise I saw another couple of Giant barred frogs (Mixophyes iteratus), another Red-eyed treefrog (Litoria chloris), plenty of phyllochroa/barringtonensis, wilcoxii and the odd Lechriodus.

 - The alarm call of bandicoots sounds like a squeaky toy

In the morning I decided I was too close to the Comboyne Plateau to not go and see that, so I headed west and climbed up into that wet and misty land. Quite nice.

I then drove to Port Macquarie where I've spent the last couple of days, enjoying the surf, taking advantage of the library to do some computing, and doing a bit of shopping.

Next - off to New England!

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