Friday, January 15, 2010

Interim trip - Barrington

With the promise of rain and warm weather, I headed up to the Barrington / Gloucester tops area back in November with a couple of mates. If you recall at the start of my trip I spent a night or two in Chichester but then had a hankering for a swim in the and headed to the coast. So there are lots of places there that I didn't get to explore.

The frog that we were hoping for was the species Litoria daviesae, recently split from the New England treefrog, Litoria subglandulosa. They were actually quite easy to find and present in good numbers, calling away merrily from around small high altitude streams. Very beautiful frogs. Highly variable in colouration - individuals could be almost entirely bright green or brown, though all had the mango-yellow flash colours on their hind legs.

As I say, beautiful. Other highlights of the trip included several greater gliders, a koala and the Stuttering frog, Mixophyes balbus.

Bandy-bandy, Vermicella annulata

I've got a few more quick ones to share from the last couple of months so stay tuned.

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