Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coast frogging

A weekend up on the mid-north coast around the Myall Lakes area was, as always, a fantastic frogging trip. Since I've photographed most of the frogs up there on previous trips I don't have any photos of them to share.

Interestingly, the dirt roads were littered with tiny Southern dwarf crowned snakes, Cacophis krefftii. Though I've spent a great many hours driving these same roads, I'd never come across a single one before. Perhaps it's a temporal thing - previous trips have generally been either earlier or later in the season.

On the way back, a trip to the Watagans was very successful. All three Mixophes species turned up, as well as things like Blue mountains treefrogs (Litoria citropa) and Red-backed toadlets (Pseudophryne coriacea) On the road out we were lucky enough to encounter this Common scaly-foot, Pygopus lepidopodus (above).

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MObugs said...

What pretty little snakes. The first image is similar to a species in Missouri that we called "ring-neck snake. They are very common in our area and often turn up in houses.