Monday, February 9, 2009


I mentioned that I was supposed to be heading out to Undara on a vertebrate trapping trip. Well, there's been some pretty serious flooding and road closures etcetera so I was waiting to see if that would happen while getting a couple of things done in Cairns.

Some interesting things I did:

 - Got a tattoo. My first one, it's a treefrog climbing up my forearm. I spent a day or so working on the design. You'll see me not-so-subtly showing it off in some self-shot photos from now on!

 - Watched the mudskippers and fiddler crabs from the Esplanade. There were also some things with feathers there.

Mudskipper. These things are HUGE!

Fiddler Crabs

 - Got my air-con fixed.

 - Stayed in a YHA.

I've just learned that the Undara trip is postponed for a few weeks so I'll be heading up further north from here.

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