Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poor photos of cool critters

Just been hanging around the Tully/Innisfail tablelands region for a few days. I've been very lucky with some of my recent sightings. Of course, some of the things I've been seeing are very hard things to get good photos of, but in the spirit of documentary, here are a couple of photos as 'proof' that I saw them:

Striped Possum

Northern Quoll

And also some cool critters that I got less bad photos of:

Chamaeleon Gecko (Carphodactylus laevis)

Weird gecko with hilariously carrot-shaped tail.

Cassowary with two chicks

And I didn't run them over! Hurrah!

Giant (possum-sized, scary) white-tailed rat

Boyd's Rainforest Dragon (Hypsilurus boydii)

Been hoping to see one of these guys... very handsome. Still want to get one in the day though!

Amethyst Python (~3m long)

Scared a couple of German ("Cherman") tourists with this one!

I'd love to write more but I'm off for a week of driving around the rainforests with JCU kids!


Ken said...

Great photos, and the first two are still nice as proof. Lucky the Cassowary didn't run you over, always a possibility when they are looking after juveniles.

Anonymous said...

Not a northern quoll, the more impressive gracilis sub species of the spotted tail quoll.

Very nice cassowary...

I'm suitably green with envy.


David Nelson said...

Ah yes, thanks! I did notice the spotted tail (northerns have immaculate tails) after I posted the pics. Must have been a youngish one.