Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bruny, Bushy and Beyond

After the walk, where better to relax than Bruny Island? I spent a couple of nights over there but didn't take any photos, so you'll have to just take my word for it. The best part of Bruny was the eastern quolls. The North Island is crawling with them and they were very very nice to see. Also spotted a long-nosed potoroo which was a new one for me. Penguins, Shearwaters, water rats... it's a good place for a spotlight. Also some very nice walking though it's rather tame comparatively.

I found work on a hop farm out at Bushy Park in the Derwent Valley which is were I've been for the past three weeks. My plan is now to see a few bits and pieces while heading back north and over to the mainland again. From there I'll go west!

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Snail said...

Probbaly too late now, but I was going to suggest keeping an eye out for the Tasmanian Bothriembryon snail, which you might see on tree trunks and shrubs in eastern Tas. Its closest rellos are in Finke Gorge, Central Australia, Kangaroo Island (IIRC) and Western Australia.

I realise I might be the only one thrilled at the prospect of seeing one.