Monday, May 4, 2009

Caves to Coast

After Undara I took a shortcut on a bumpy track north from Mt Garnet through to just east of Chillagoe. Like Undara, the Chillagoe-Mungana region is famous for its caves too, though they're of a completely different type - limestone.

I spent a couple of pleasant hours exploring the public caves (Pompeii and Bauhinia) which featured a couple of tight sqeezes and were surprisingly quite interesting, though of course it's always heartbreaking to see cave vandalism in any form.

I had things to do and while the area featured some magnificent limestone structures, I didn't really see a lot to recommend the region, so after a bit of spotting around the caves and rocks at nightfall, I jumped back in the car and pointed it in the direction of Cairns.

Random fact: Echidnas invariably make a lot of noise, rustling through the leaf litter and undergrowth, making one very excited with the possibilites. Then it turns out to be just an echidna.

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