Friday, November 28, 2008



Welcome to my new blog. I'm going to guess that most of you know me already though there's a chance that others will stumble upon this blog from my photoblog or random googling. So hello one and all, I'm David.

Yesterday I began my trip. I could talk about what I aim to do and see whilst on my travels, but really this thing is a sort of big experiment. But, in broad terms, I'm trying to explore and experience Australia.

At this stage my plan is to head north from Sydney, taking in many of the national parks along eastern Australia, and end up in the far north. I anticipate that this stage will take me about 2-4 months, and after that I'll consider keeping on going. I'm hoping to see lots of animals, different environments, meet other travellers, have adventures and generally enjoy the outdoor life.

I'm driving my new car, a 1991 Toyotoa 4runner (2.8l turbo diesel). It's filled with a big load of camping, photographic and electronic gear and I'm trusting it'll get me where ever I want to go.

Time to start the report on day one!


Purple said...

Hey David, Purple here. I'm so excited for you :) well done on following your dream :)

Dark Orange said...

David, I will be alternating between Rockhampton and Townsville over the next few weeks, make sure you let me know when you will be in either of those places, I may be able to organise a bed.