Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Floating frogs (or Frogging the Alice)

So much rain, good thunderstorms, warm weather... only more free time could make conditions better for frogging around Alice Springs. I have managed to get out once recently and was amply rewarded. As well as the relatively 'boring' Spencer's Burrowing Frog (Platyplectrum spenceri) and the Desert Treefrog (Litoria rubella), a couple of other interesting species were calling away from flooded roadsides just out of Alice Springs.

Neobatrachus centralis, Trilling frog

Cyclorana maini, Main's waterholding frog

Neobatrachus centralis, Trilling frog

Sminthopsis sp., Dunnart

Narrow-banded sandswimmer, Eremiascincus fasciolatus

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