Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick pics from the homeward trip

I travelled back fairly directly - via Wondonga, the Riverina, then through Griffith, visiting Cocoparra NP then driving home. I was hoping to see some geckos and was rewarded quite handsomely in the latter park.

From near the Murray:

Sugar Glider, Petaurus breviceps

Cup-moth caterpillar, Doratifera sp.

Brown Treecreeper

From Cocoparra National Park:

Egernia striolata, Tree skink.

Thick-tailed Gecko, Underwoodisaurus millii

Marbled gecko, Christinus marmoratus

Southern Spiny-tailed gecko, Strophrurus intermedius


Kerry said...

What wonderful creatures you have to photograph. That bottom shot is terrific.

Anonymous said...

Hi Davidavid,
darky, ex Scribbly here.
How the hell are you?

Don't get online much these days, but when I do, I always make a beeline for your latest frog record. Thanks so much for all the photos of them that you've shared from your trip.
Of course all the photos you share are worth a look, but for mine? - well, frogs I've read about for so long, it's just fantastic to see a professional best snap of so many.

Best wishes for many enjoyable years more of being outnabout. d

forestwalk/laura k said...

gecko's!! wow! so many different kinds over your part of the world! your pictures are terrific!! each portraying another piece of nature...a little critter here...creature there...things that (most) people might overlook...or steer clear of!
i could easily get lost here...among them all...