Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Red Playground

I spent most of September in the Simpson desert on my third trip with the 'ratcatchers' - that is, the Dickman lab. I've already posted bits and pieces about these trips on my photoblog, so I'll just share a few photos (as always, more in the gallery).

Central netted dragon, Ctenophorus nuchalis, Welford National Park.

Pebble-mimic dragon, Tympanocryptis intima

Smooth knob-tailed gecko baby, Nephrurus levis

Smooth knob-tailed gecko, Nephrurus levis

Spotted snake, Suta punctata

Desert skink, Egernia inornata

Rusty desert monitor, Varanus eremius

Canegrass dragon, Diporiphora winneckei

Bird-eating spider

That's the burrow entrance of the Slit spider, Fissarina ethabuka. The burrow is a sort of trap utilising a sand slipface.

And that's the little spider herself.

Water-holding Frog, Litoria (Cyclorana) platycephala.

The frog was a real bonus find - it turned up in a pool that we had dug to have a bathe in.

As always, this trip was a really good experience!

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