Monday, August 31, 2009

Interesting inverts - Weevil

I found this bizzare weevil under a piece of timber.

I just can't fathom the strange appendages emerging from its rear. They appeared immovable and fused at their posterior ends. I've never seen anything like it. Ideas?

[Edit - this is a weevil of the genus Phalidura (ID courtesy of Mark Thompson). Only males have the strange appendages.


David Nelson said...

Just got an ID on this fella thanks to Mark Thomson - it's a weevil of the genus Phalidura. Only males have the strange appendages.

Ken said...

I have a photo of one (without appendages) from, I think, near Newcastle, so they may be reasonably widespread.

desertnutmeg said...

"Only males have the strange appendages." LOL-you just said a cotton-pickin mouthfull (american expression for boy ain't that the truth)!
Glad to see your posts back - I've missed reading your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

I had one of those in my 2nd year Ento collection. I guess you didn't see it. Good to have an ID though!