Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lakefield fishing adventures

Hi folks!

I'm in Weipa at the mo, and as the last two weeks have been packed with excitement, I thought I'd try to write a bit about it all for my faithful readers.

A quick summary before I begin in detail - after heading to Cooktown I did a bit of exploring through Lakefield NP - travelling out through the Battle Camp road before turning north, just east of Laura. The top half of Lakefield was still closed when I went through there, so I had to go back down to the main road to continue northward. The next excitement was Iron Range, where I spent more than a week doing a lot of spotlighting and seeing some awesome stuff. But more on that later.

Lakefield was a bit of a strange park, to me. It's like a big fishing adventure park. If you see a car that doesn't have a boat on its roofracks, it's probably towing one. Practically every waterhole or deep river has at least one campsite along its banks, and I'm told the park is almost booked out all through the dry season. It's Queensland's second biggest national park, and it has one walk in it. A 4 km walk. And though I tried to find this track, it didn't appear to exist (understandably really, as the park had only just opened and it probably hadn't been cleared since the wet season).

I enjoyed my time there though. The billabongs and rivers are idyllic and I saw a bit of wildlife.

In brief, a few photos:

Spotted Python, Antaresia maculosa

Yellow-spotted Monitor, Varanus panoptes - these guys were very common and evidently had little problem with the abundant cane toads

Very nice campsite at the junction of the Laura and Normanby Rivers in Lakefield

Ammonite? Nautilus?

Hand-caught Cherubin

Dinner - a delicious delicious Cherubin

Merten's Water Monitor, Varanus mertensii

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