Monday, December 8, 2008

Assorted notes...

Just a few general notes...

 - Car

Going great guns, absolutely no problems at all. I love her! I haven't had to get the winch out yet...

 - Camping

The National Park campgrounds are awesome around here. Secluded, lots of wildlife, great facilities. I even had a shower at New England! It was... invigorating. Oh, and the other exciting thing was that I caught a glimpse of my first quoll! It was at night just before bed, I'd seen scats around and the park sign said they sometimes visited. I got a fairly good look but it was all too short as the quoll sauntered back into the forest and of course I had no chance of a photo.

Most nights I just sleep in the swag, sometimes under shelters if I think there's a chance of rain. The nights are sometimes pretty cold! Last night I rigged the tarp up on the side of the car to make a shelter for the swag - worked pretty well and was nice and quick to set up.

 - Cooking

I had a chicken last night! I roasted it in the camp oven on the fire. It came out beautifully, except I accidentally did it upside-down (breast side downwards). I had a couple of onions which I baked in the coals (wrapped in foil) too - delicious. Otherwise, cooking is good. I'm eating well Mum.

 - Self shots

A quick look at my photo gallery will show that my narcissistic passion for self-photography is getting sillier and sillier. I'm getting very good at counting down from 12 seconds. Who knows what will be next?

 - Meeting people

I'm talking to lots of other travellers. My standard is to invite people over to my table for a cup of tea. The europeans seem excited to meet a real Aussie, rather than other travellers, so I put on a big ocker accent and swear a lot for their benefit.

So, in general I'm having a fantastic time. It's getting a bit ridiculous how lucky I've been to see so many amazing animals.

Might spend another night around here somewhere then head up to Washpool.

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Michael Vermont said...

What have you named your workhorse of a car?